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Welcome! My name is Sandra Grundstoff.
My last name
points to the ground materia of which everything on this planet is composed. Translated from danish, it means "elementary particles".

I provide a variety of services that are all meant to be pointers toward

a natural, physical and authentic ground of wellbeing.

These are the main things I do:

* I guide down-to-earth Yoga & lead Yoga teacher Trainings
* I offer Massage sessions based on Swedish Massage and Lymphatic Massage
* I cook plant based, Natural food for groups

* I facilitate explorative Dance events

* I do DJ gigs - preferrably in sober settings

* I make personalized Natural Scents & body treats

* I plan, organise and lead workshop and trainings in my fields

NatureWise Yoga & More

Sandra Grundstoff

c/o Lago CPH

1370 Copenhagen K

+45 20149683 


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