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I support the idea that different people need different food. I cook & serve only plant-based food, because that is what I eat. That does not mean I judge others for eating animal products. 
We might be designed to need different amounts & sources of protein and so on. There is one single thing though, that I am convinced is the most healthy choise for everybody, and that is
NATURAL food. 

I also do advocate conscious choises, whether we eat plant based or mixed. From where does our food come? How was it produced? What are the consequenses of my food choises? It is not a myth or exaggeration that farm animal production and fish breeding carries along large impact on environment and suffering of billions of animals. There are always choices that are better than others - wild game, eco farming, some free caught fish etc. Eating less animal products has already for many people become an option to all-or-nothing.

Also the all-plant eater can do more or less conscious choices. Has the "eco apples" travelled to Europe from New Zealand? The best choices are not always the most obvious and we need to reflect.

To me, natural food means... that is as close to its original, natural state as possible
...whole foods, that are as little processed as possible and made from scratch that still has its original composition of contents
- this eliminates fx white flour, white sugar, white rice and milk products that is as fresh as possible with as little pesticides and poisons as possible local as possible

In addition to that, I really love eating and serving tasty, juicy, satisfying food!

To me, that happens...
...when the natural flavors of the key ingredients are maintained and lifted

...when ultimate taste balance is created
...when the plate looks beautiful with different, complementary colors 

...when the plate offers different, complementary textures
...when  all senses feel saturated after eating, there is no craving for sweets or similar
...when the body is energized until the next meal, yet not heavy


Hire me as your plant-based chef or cooking coach!!

I cook plant-based food for groups in retreats, conferences, trainings, festivals, private arrangements
et cetera, based on the intentions above. I have experience within the  Vegan, Raw and AyurVedic cuisine.
I also teach cooking to groups.
Contact me for an offer based on the number of participants, days, facilities and other circumstances.
I get great pleasure from cooking for people!

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