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Swedish Massage & Lymphatic Massage

I learned Swedish Massage in 2003 and Lymphatic Massage in 2020.
I have been running my own company since 2007, massaging full time for 7 years, now blending it with other health and wellness activities.

I offer massage sessions at two different addresses central Copenhagen, 
Lago CPH at Nörre Sögade 27a
& Tinkuy at Badstuestraede 13.

Send an SMS to +45 2014 96 83 to book a session.

Payment with cash or Mobile Pay.

Let me know if you are on a limited budget (for real).

Menu & Prices:

Swedish Massage 60 minutes                                                             550 DKK
Swedish Massage 90 minutes                                                             750 DKK
Lymphatic Massage 60 minutes                                                         
650 DKK
Lymphatic Massage 90 minutes                                                         
850 DKK

Swedish Massage is focused on softening your muscles, loosening up tensions and knots through deep tissue work. Kneading, pressing, rolling, I give you a feeling of being properly "worked through". Of course, I adjust the depth to your preferences. The whole session is framed in presence, sensitivity and "holding". It can have the character of sports massage or healing massage, depending on what you prefer and what you need. 

Do you want help with headache, back- or neck pain, tense jaws, stiff or sore muscles, stress getting stuck in the body, a general need of being properly squeezed?
Then Swedish Massage is a good choice for you!

Lymphatic Massage is focused on relieving stagnations in the lymphatic flow. The strokes are softer, working through a specific pattern to open up the lymphatic vessels and flush this very important circulatory system. These sessions often has a very relaxing effect and gives a sense of lightness in the body. I can also teach you a self-help routine for home use.
Do you want help with water and swellings in the body, post-operative swellings, supporting the body after removal of lymph nodes, oedemas, feelings of physical heaviness, slowness and toxicity, a general need of gentle care and refreshment? Choose Lymphatic Massage!

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