Retreat with GAGA, YOGA & Butoh/MB-training

Hidden Paradise, South Spain, April 8-14 2018


This week - in the most beautiful natural setting you can imagine - you will get inspiration in awareness through movement with three beautiful systems.


GAGA - a free dance form formulated by Israeli dancer Ohad Naharin. Gaga improves instinctive movement and connects conscious and unconscious movement, and allows for an experience of freedom and pleasure in a simple way. Lots of inspiration, you cannot do it wrong! With Siri Woolthorn.


YOGA - taught outside the frames of any specific style, with focus on alignment, playfulness and mindfulness in each movement. We will work with both dynamic and still expressions of yoga, and with breathing practices. With Sandra Grundstoff.


Butoh/MB-training - Muscle/Bone or Mind/Body, a dynamic, powerful practice accompanied by music. Pulse, flexibility, coordination and balance are strengthened. The awareness of center, alignment, grounding, breathing, time and space is sharpened. With Hanna Noorberg.


Mön, Denmark, 25-29 October 2017


According to Ayurveda, the change of seasons are the times when the body is most prone to imbalance and illness, and a good way to prevent that is by cleansing. Give yourself a long weekend of cleanse, health boost and inspiration before the cold season!

The intention is that you should feel more light and clear after these days, and that you get tools to continue the process in your daily life.


The schedule includes:

*A couple of different 1-hour hatha & kundalini yoga sequences that support the inner organs, strengthen and relax your system.

*3 super healthy and delicious meals/day + inspiration cooking & non-cooking lessons for how you can upgrade your eating habits at home.

*Thai Massage sequences for use on self and others, that support muscle relaxation, digestion and well being.

* Daily meditation, sauna and walks in the beautiful nature of Mön.

You get the yoga & massage sequences + food inspiration on paper for continued home use.


Hannemo, Sweden, Feb 26-March 4 2018



Experience a space between heaven and earth and letting the ego melt with the hearts desire.! This 5 day Aerial Yoga Fundamentals teacher training is available for all yoga teachers and those who are currently following a yoga teacher training program - a beautiful extension on your already existing yoga knowledge. Training includes knowledge of how to use, hang and maintain the material. The 5 days will also give you a retreat experience.


A combination of yoga traditional postures/ asanas with a beautiful twist of acrobatic with use of a fabric hammock. Feel free – weightless, expand, stretching and opening the whole body and learn to let go. With inverted postures let the gravity do it’s work. Release the physical stress and the spinal column, allow the surrounding muscles to relax. We are closing the practice in a unique way, fully suspended.


Supported by Sandra Grundstoff & Chrell Kemnitz / Playful Alignment Yoga.





@Axelsons in Sweden & Norway


This training is conducted in Sweden & Norway and the link below takes you to the schools website in Swedish. Here is just an ultra short presentation for all.


If you wish to learn and use yoga as tools that can be varied to achieve different effects, rather than one fixed style, this may be the training for you.


The training is based in alignment work, mindfulness/vipassana meditation and ayurveda. I am the lead teacher, and the rest of the team is Vandana Jain, Helene DonLind, Viktor Frih, Chrell Kemnitz, Pernilla Cristvall & Christer Uggla.


NatureWise Yoga & More by Sandra Grundstoff

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