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To play DJ is the realization of a dream I have had since my first technoparty in the early 90`s. I love dancing!!

The more free and wild and explorative, the better, and I was always amazed what a nice DJ can do to a dancefloor.

And there is nothing like conscious clubbing, where the dancers are high only on beats, oxytocin & life itself!


I also offer DANCEmandala sessions - I am just on the last weeks of my training and will put up a deeper description soon!


I arrange free form dance retreats & workshops, with exercises to journey through different energies in the dance,

break movement patterns, connect & expand, Keep your eyes open, subscribe to my newsletter or send a request!

I can play in Copenhagen area & in South Sweden + worldwide on request. Get in touch!



I love conscious clubbing, parttaking in and co-creating a naturally high & happy atmosphere. I like to mix different paces so that the dancers are inspired to move in everything from stillness and floating to staccato and chaos. My mixes are basically organic-electronic, with touches of pure world/folk, poetic or spiritual, experimental & minimalistic. Inspiration ranges from 5 rhythms to techno parties, from Berlin to Uzbekistan.

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DANCEmandala sessions & free form DANCE EVENTS


More info on DANCEmandala will come during February 2018.


Dance as an embodied spiritual/energizing practice is my personal favorite tool. In the free movement, we can liberate ourselves from habitual actions thoughts and movement, in the now. When the body is let loose, there is not much space for numbing mental processes. Allow yourself to be primal, be body, be the movement. Dance is medicine - medicine means "to make whole". Free movement will be included in most workshops & events.

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Previous gigs last year:

Why Nam Saturday Parties, December 2017

Yoga Festival 2017´ @Möns Retreat Center, Denmark, August 2017

Authentic Relating Festival @Makvärket, June 2017

Liquid Dreams @Sjaellandsgade Bad, February & May 2017

Miss Green Dreams Release Party @Operaen, Christiania, March 2017

Bliss @Dansekapellet, January 2017


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