About Me


Let me introduce myself.


I was born in 1975 & grew up in a family where there was a strong interest in meditation, communication and natural food - and on the other hand, ill-being of both body and psyche/emotions. Both sides inspired me to take an early interest in the inner and outer wellbeing of myself and others.


Yoga became a great source of inspiration for me, first in the shape of meditation which I was introduced to at age 6, later as physical yoga since I met my first teacher at age 17. I have travelled quite a lot, spent 2 years altogether in India, and have taken every opportunity to study, learn & grow.


Of course, like most people, I have been through periods of challenge, injury, trauma, destructive habits and so on. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to discover how much my tools support me through lifes changing phases, and how staying in balance is always a dynamic process!


In my view, health is a dynamic and individual process, not a one-size-fits-all solution. I wish to meet students transparently and equally, with the attitude that ultimately, each of us knows our bodies naturewisely from within. Nobody can fix anybody and there might even be nothing to fix.

I have been running NatureWise since 2007, offering yoga teaching, massage/bodywork, herbal body treats and more. I started teaching yoga as a part of my early learning process, which put me on a path where being a teacher & a student was naturally intertwined. It is a key think to me to be transparent towards students with the fact that, of course, I am also learning!


I spend a lot of my work as the creative head & lead teacher of Axelsons Yoga Teacher training, a Yoga Alliance registered school of 200 hrs program that runs in Stockholm & Oslo, and we have examined 90 teachers each year since 2014. I also work as editor and writer at the web based health magazine FriskvårdsMagasinet.


Beside the Yoga Teacher Trainings I offer treatments, private sessions and events, with Copenhagen as a base. In my daily life I enjoy a small house with garden where I practice, cook, dance, relax, work & play with my friends, my lipartner and his lovely daughter.




I look forward to create more workshops, retreats and so on with friends & family who are working in the same fields.

Here is some people you can expect to show up for co-teaching et cetera.



Yoga Teacher, Structural Massage Therapist




Butoh/MB-teacher, Mindful Tapping




Professional dancer & Gaga teacher




Aerial Yoga & Yoga Teacher, Dancer



Authentic & Adventureous




Acro Yoga & Yoga Teacher, Thai Masseur


NatureWise Yoga & More by Sandra Grundstoff

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