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Yoga Teacher Trainings & Yoga Classes

I met my first yoga teacher in 1993, when I was 17, and since then I have studied with many different,

mainly western, yoga teachers.


I was invited to teach already in 1995, I have taught as my main profession since 2006 and I lead yoga teacher trainings since 2014 at Axelsons, Scandinavias largest school for massage & well being educations


My main system of inspiration is Anusara Yoga, although I navigate between "styles" and prefer to treat the yoga as tools that should suit the individual, under the current circumstances. I like to empower the student to be their own teacher, and not to imply any "yoga boxes" onto anyone.


I see the physical part of yoga, the asanas, mainly as a tool for self-healing of the body and nervous system, physical & energetical health prevention and strenghtening.


The breathing and the meditation are both an integrated part of the asana, and separate practices. In my classes I bring much focus to alignment, with a lot of explorative freedom for the individual body.. I happily mix flow practice with slow practice, as I assume that most uf us need both.



Weekly Yoga Classes 2018:


Wednesdays 17.00-18.30 @ Tinkuy, Badhusstraede 13, Copenhagen

70 minutes asana practice, finishing with a long Yoga Nidra or meditation.


Free for Tinkuy members, one free trial class for non-members.



Yoga Teacher Trainings 2018-19


200 hrs Multistyle

Starting September 13 @ Axelsons, Stockholm, Sweden.

I am the lead teacher, we are a team of 7 teachers.



200 hrs Multistyle

Starting October 18 @ Axelsons, Oslo, Norway.

I am the lead teacher, we are a team of 9 teachers.



115 hrs Yin Yoga

Starting September 13 @ Axelsons, Stockholm, Sweden.

I am a subject teacher, we are a team of 4 teachers.




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