AWARENESS through MOVEMENT-festival 2019

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This 6-day retreat style festival, conducted in an amazing nature setting in the mountains of south Spain, is an opportunity to explore awareness through movement. The schedule presents different movement & touch practices, that each in their unique way invites into a deeper presence in the body, vital aliveness and physical wellbeing.


The reason why we call it a festival, is that there is multiple options; 2 workshops going on at the same time. Still each of the teacher has classes every day so you can choose to go more in-depth with your favorites.

We also emphasise a meditative approach, invite to silent hours once in a while and integrate the meditative aspect as part of what we explore in the movement practices.

So you could as well view it as a retreat. We wish to get the best out of both worlds.



The theme of the festival is body and movement as a gateway to intensified awareness.

Dance, yoga, touch, relaxation, meditation - all give different opportunities to explore and observe our cellular selves.


None of the practices are about performance or perfection - we want to offer a space for exploration of your own authentic expression. We welcome practitioners at all levels, you need no previous experience in any of the practices - only a passion to explore the field of body and movement and to cultivate awareness.


The schedule is quite packed and spans over a broad spectrum of embodied practices. The ambition is not that you take part in everything, but that you choose a few things that interest you the most, to dive into. You can choose to try around, or to follow a few particular teachers through all the days.



On this page you can find all information about the retreat center, transport etc.


>> Teachers and Schedule


>> Prices and Signup



The retreat center - Hidden Paradise


This off-grid center is located in one of the most pristine and beautiful areas in Spain, the Alpujarras. at the edge of the Sierra Nevada national park. You will stay in wooden or cob houses, everything is solar powered, built from natural materials and stunningly beautiful.


The accommodation included is in a shared house with one, two or three other people, with your own bed space of course. You can add an extra fee for a single accommodation. The food is vegetarian, organic and delicious - and for the larger part locally grown. There is water, tea and fresh fruit available for free all day.


The classes takes place outdoors when possible, and in two halls: the "Space Ship"; a circular wooden hall with a panoramic view over the mountains, overlooking the sea, and the "Earth Temple", a giant Yurt with an earth floor and a fire stove, a bit darker, grounding space.


There is a beautiful mineral water pool, wonderful walking trails and lots of secluded spots for contemplation, breathing and enjoyment.

AWARENESS through MOVEMENT-Festival 2019

- a movement-exploration gathering

in South Spain, April 9-14

How to get there


Nearest town: Origiva

Nearest airports: Malaga, Granada


Arrival at Hidden Paradise: Tuesday April 9, 15.00-16.00.

Departure from Hidden Paradise: Sunday April 14, 12.00.


We will arrange shared transport from the airports

Malaga: 35-40 EUR

Granada: 25-30 EUR

The price will depend on how many people that chooses this option.

We will arrange this via mail, when you have signed up for the retreat and made your travel plans.


You can also take local buses to Origiva. From Origiva, you can get to Hidden Paradise with Taxi, or a local bus that runs once or twice daily.


You will get more info about the retreat center and about transportation when you are signed up.



>> Teachers and Schedule


>> Prices and Signup

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