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My name is Sandra Grundstoff. I took my last name to remind myself what I am.

It is a sound that points to the ground materia of which everything on this planet is composed

- natural, physical, basic. Translated from danish, it means "elementary particles".


NatureWise is the essence of what I strive for in all activities with others.

I provide a variety of services that are all meant to be pointers toward

a natural, physical and authentic ground of being.


These are the main things I do:


* I guide down-to-earth Yoga & lead Yoga teacher Trainings

* I facilitate explorative Dance events

* I do DJ gigs - preferrably in sober settings.

* I offer Massage sessions

* I cook plant based, Natural food for groups

* I make personalized Natural Scents & body treats

* I arrange, with a group of excited teachers, the annual MOVE DEEPER FESTIVAL in South Spain




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